an earthen seating section for community concerts in West Oakland, CA

D.I.Y.T.V. (Do-It-Yourself Television)

media liberation and public space reclamation project in West Oakland, CA

Poet Tree

text literacy and public space reclamation project in West Oakland, CA

Ghost Town Forever

a photo essay of a community reclaiming its streets and increasing the peace

Spark Bench

perhaps the first permanent earthen structure to be built in Toronto in over 100 years

City Repair Addis Ababa

the 1st African chapter of the placemaking movement

Real Little House on the Prairie

a tiny trailer home that defies dimensions

Potters' Earthship
a house made of used car tires filled with rammed earth in Bancroft, Ontario


Timeless Way of Building

a book review of the first volume of Christopher Alexander's seminal Pattern Language series

Humanure Handbook

a book review of the bioneering guide to the composting of human manure


manifesto for the green anarchist architecture movement


Brown Rock City

desert design for a new neighbourhood with all-ecological infrastructure


Plans for a four-storey mud skyscraper for a tribe of circus freaks

Silo Stove Secret Squat

Using rocket science to create underground earthen architecture


a wall system with both high insulative qualities and beautiful sculptural potential


Megadobe eco-building bricks made from paper, clay, and recycled milk crates

Hoberman Squat

applying advanced engineering principles in order to create an instant squat


radical modular designs for a bike carriage, houseboat, & a warehouse

Kalakuta Cob Cottage

perhaps the first habitable earthen structure to be built in Toronto in over 100 years

Council House
a two-storey five-bedroom passive solar communal home with a hypocaust

Hug House
a single-storey four-bedroom passive solar communal home based on the Earthship model

Quarter Lord Manor
an apartment complex that is greater than the sum of its parts (requires Flash)

a bachelor pad that applies the Earthship model to an urban setting (requires Flash)

impractical but interesting designs resulting from an early obsession with perfect circles


First Earth

a full-length feature documentary about building healthy homes out of the earth

The Red Pill

a scratch video culture jam, a collage film of 25 movies in 25 minutes

Kaballah Tarot

an 80-card tarot deck published in the Encyclopedia of Tarot, Volume IV

Lunar Calendar

three different designs for a calendar based on the natural rhythmic cycles of the cosmos

People's Park

an meme-spreading culture jam for reclaiming the most public of public spaces

Making Revolutionary Change

a demonstration of anti-consumerist political graffiti on the fetish symbol of consumerism, cash money

Furrowed Brow

a celebration of our furry physical selves and our beautiful body hair



five essays guaranteed to change the way you look at the world

(A)narchy 101

a collectively written and edited introduction to an idea that is both so feared, and so loved

Little Gift

a modern translation of the 14th century Sufi love poet Shams A-Din Hafiz

Interplanetary Solidarity Movement

a proposal for a galactic non-governmental organization creating peace across planets