Daniel Quinn's The Story of B chronicles the adventures of a preacher called, simply, "B", and the attempts to stifle his important message. At then end of the novel, Quinn explains that anyone who has internalized the teachings of B to the point that they can preach them as well as "B" can, are themselves a "B", and have the right to call themselves "B". Since that makes us all potential "B"'s as far as Quinn is concerned, I feel free to post the "Lectures of B" on the internet without penalty.

These "B-Files" moved me deeply, and so I have taken the time to type them out and upload them for your reading pleasure. Enjoy... I'll see you on the other side.

1) The Great Forgetting

2) The Boiling Frog

3) The Collapse of Values

4) Population: A Systems Approach

5) The Great Remembering