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Public Speaking by David Sheen

In addition to his written work and his videography, Sheen also gives lectures and slideshows on the topics that he reports on. Since 2014, he has spoken at dozens of college campuses and communities throughout the United States of America and Canada, and for European parliaments and non-governmental groups. Below are a list of links to video footage from many of these appearances. To invite Sheen to give a presentation for your school or community group, contact him at realdavidsheen [AT] gmail [DOT] com.


German Parliament
Berlin, DE / 10.2014
(25:16) Israeli incitement
(2:17) Israeli attacks on African refugees
(4:37) Might condemning Israeli racism just make it increase?
(1:11) What about the Israeli left?
(3:34) Which Israeli parties can we partner with for peace?

European Parliament
Brussels, BE / 9.2014
(12:31) Israeli incitement

Question & Answer Sessions

Emory University
Atlanta, GA / 11.2015
(2:45) Why a Shift to the Right

Unitarian Church
Richmond-upon-Thames, UK / 11.2015
(2:31) Why a Shift to the Right (2)
(2:06) Is it dangerous for you a a journalist?

University of Missouri
Columbia, MO / 11.2015
(2:35) Why Don't You Talk About
(3:38) Reasons for Israeli racism
(2:41) For or Against 2 States

Marygrove College
Detroit, MI / 11.2015
(3:48) Speaking out on Israel

Claremont College
Claremont, CA / 10.2015
(2:05) English translations of Israeli incitement
(10:26) Hard to believe how bad Chabad hates non-Jews

United Reformed Church
7.2015 / Richmond-upon-Thames, UK
Zionists Minimize Israeli Racism (6:35)

Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, CA / 3.2014
(2:37) How did Israel add to the African refugee problem?
(5:12) How do you deal with Israeli racism?
(2:56) What can we do to stop Israel's war on Africans?

Trinity College
Hartford, US / 3.2014
(1:19) How do Israeli racists know which Africans aren't Jews?
(2:21) How do other Africans react to Israel's war on refugees?
(2:47) Why isn't Israel's war on Africans being reported?

Media Appearances

Al Jazeera
(3:39) Do Black Lives Matter in Israel?
(24:53) Black and Jewish in Israel
(24:40) Are black Israelis being discriminated against?
(24:41) The plight of African migrants in Israel
(34:06) Israel's migrant dilemma
(37:03) In Israel, African migrants under attack

(2:00) Israel's unwelcome African 'infiltrators'

(9:14) As Harper visits, what tough issues does Israel face?

CCTV America
(15:47) Israel's refugee policy

(4:01) How Israelis are responding

Huffington Post Live
(28:25) Migrant Protests

Libera TV
(5:05) Il razzismo Israeliano visto dall'interno [ITALIAN]

Nena News
(4:33) Racism is rife in Israel

Real News
(9:20) Israel "Making Lives Miserable" for Africans [Part I]
(10:41) Israel "Making Lives Miserable" for Africans [Part II]

Russia Today
(4:07) Racial incitement against Africans in Israel

(21:11) Last Stop, Tel Aviv

(20:00) Israeli leaders inciting racist violence


University of Arizona
3.2017 / Tucson, AZ
Israel + Palestine in the Gilded Age (1:28:27)
Israeli Economics (7:43)
Israel's Top Cops (2:36)
Israel's Rape Epidemic (10:04)
Israel's War on Africans 5 (15:49)
Occupation World Champions (4:46)
The 4 Sides of the Israeli*Palestinian Conflict (2:15)
Liberal Zionism (8:29)
Education for Elimination (9:48)
Justification for Killing Babies (8:44)
Changing Religion (4:32)

University of New Orleans
10.2015 / New Orleans, LA
Boycotting Israel / Israel Boycotting (21:35)

Claremont College
10.2015 / Claremont, CA
Jewish Dominionists: Firebombers (6:28)

McGill University
11.2015 / Montreal, QU
Jewish Dominionists: Chabad (8:37)

Unitarian Church
11.2015 / Richmond-upon-Thames, UK
Jewish Dominionists: Jewish Home Party (5:06)

Zaytuna College
10.2015 / Berkeley, CA
Jewish Dominionists: Lehava (12:24)

Marygrove College
11.2015 / Detroit, MI
Israeli exports: Anti-miscegenation (3:50)

Brooklyn College
11.2015 / New York, NY
Israel's War on Africans 4 (14:37)

Our Savior Lutheran Church
10.2015 / Milwaukee, WI
Operation African Wild Ass (13:20)

Emory University
11.2015 / Atlanta, GA
Homophobia & Pinkwashing (12:15)

University of Missouri
11.2015 / Columbia, MO
Dissidents & Democracy (10:21)

O'Reilly Theatre
7.2015 / Dublin, IE
Incited in Israel, Inflicted on Gaza (46:23)

University of Southern Maine
3.2015 / Portland, ME
Inside Israel's Race Wars (1:51:03)

University of Waterloo
2.2015 / Waterloo, ON
Connection Between Netanyahu & Lehava (1:30)
Measuring Racism: Israeli Education (8:03)

McMaster University
3.2015 / Hamilton, CA
War on Arabs, War on Africans (38:47)
Behind Israel's Protective Edge (8:55)
War on Africans (24:32)
Jewish Refugees & African Infiltrators (4:00)
Stealing from the Poorest of the Poor (3:15)
Israeli Leaders & White Supremacy (3:33)

College of Staten Island
3.2015 / New York, US
War on Love (39:54)
Schools Segregated, Hatred Integrated (7:41)
Wasserman-Schultz on Intermarriage (2:26)
Political Points for Opposing Intermarriage (2:03)
Love & Hate in Mandatory Palestine (4:20)
Inspired by Phineas (3:30)

University of Calgary
3.2015 / Calgary, CA
Thieves in the Temple (4:04)

University of Western Ontario
2.2015 / London, CA
A War Going On At Home (3:20)

University of South Florida
10.2014 / Tampa, US
Black-washing & sex-washing (34:53)
Africans in Israel without privilege (13:41)
Who's responsible for rape in Israel (2:42)

Florida International University
10.2014 / Miami, US
Incite to hate (33:46)

Russell Tribunal on Palestine
9.2014 / Brussels, BE
Israeli incitement (32:31)

Simon Fraser University
3.2014 / Vancouver, CA
Israel's war on Africans (1:11:39)
ADL silently supports Israeli racism (4:16)
African Hebrews & the State of Israel (6:26)
Israeli camps for African refugees (4:28)

10.2010 / Johannesburg, ZA
The future of architecture (17:23)