Do-It-Yourself Television

A DIYTV is a working television station that you can make all by yourself, at little or no cost. By "station", we mean stationary -- not a studio that broadcasts signals over airwaves, but rather, a kiosk that screens slideshows of still images.

Every day our freedom of speech is stolen away from us by the corporations -- they monopolize all of the media in our public space! Why shouldn't we take back our communities by starting to talk to one another, by making our own media?

So far there are 4 DIYTV stations broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay Area: one in Ghost Town, one at the Launchpad, one at Durant Park, and one at Apavarga... and there are plans for many more! East Bay City Repair may be holding a DIYTV-making workshop here in the East Bay very soon. Contact us to be a part of it.

But you don't have to wait for a workshop, you can start up your own DIYTV station right now! Here's your DIYTV Instruction Manual. Of course, feel free to improvise at will. And once you've got it up and running, document it and let us know all about it!

Donate Your Old Computer!

That old computer that's sitting in your basement collecting dust? You can't just throw it out in the garbage -- it contains toxic components. E-mail us at, and we'll come and take it off of your hands and put it to real good use!