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DAVID SHEEN: Films by date

Palestine Committee
of Norway
24.3.18 Israeli Discourse Decoded
Dream Defenders 22.1.18 ┬┐Acaso las vidas negras importan en Israel?
Dream Defenders 12.1.18 Do #BlackLivesMatter in Israel?
AssoPace Palestina 6.12.17 Netanyahu's New Normal
Electronic Intifada 24.5.17 May their name be wiped out
University of Arizona 21.3.17 Israel + Palestine in the Gilded Age
Palestine Society
23.2.17 Zionism's Anti-African Front
YouTube 27.1.17 Refugees protesting against deportation
Mondoweiss 6.6.16 Conquerors of Jerusalem
Electronic Intifada 19.4.16 License to Murder
Alternet 29.3.16 Bibi Betrayed Us
San Francisco
Bay View
22.3.16 Investigation: Toveet Radcliffe
Students for Justice
in Palestine
18.12.15 The Bullet, The Ballot & The Boycott
Mondoweiss 25.8.15 Arad: Off-Limits to Africans
YouTube 31.7.15 Tel Aviv: Hyde Park Lewinsky
Palfest Ireland 8.7.15 Incited in Israel, Inflicted on Gaza
San Francisco
Bay View
24.5.15 African Solidarity at Holot
University of
Southern Maine
12.3.15 Inside Israel's Race Wars
Alternet 9.2.15 Sh*tting on the Israeli Flag:
The Art of Natali Cohen Vaxberg
YouTube 4.1.15 Protest Against Racist Police Brutality in Israel
Physicians for the
Prevention of
Nuclear War
10.11.14 Bundestag Testimony
University of
South Florida
16.10.14 Black-washing & Sex-washing
YouTube 5.10.14 Israelis: "Ni&&ers go home!"
Russell Tribunal 25.9.14 EU Parliament Testimony
Mondoweiss 17.8.14 Ultra-Zionists Protest Miscegenation
YouTube 9.8.14 Tel Aviv: Banned rally for Gaza
YouTube 2.8.14 Tel Aviv: Still Protesting Israel's Assault on Gaza
YouTube 27.7.14 Tel Aviv: 5000 protest assault on Gaza
YouTube 19.7.14 Tel Aviv: Protesting Israel's Assault on Gaza
YouTube 27.6.14 African Refugees Make A Run For The Border
YouTube 1.4.14 Blackwashing: Saar Visits Dimona
Simon Fraser
9.3.14 Israel's war on Africans
YouTube 22.1.14 African Refugee March To Canadian Embassy
YouTube 15.1.14 Israelis Who Hate Israelis Who Don't Hate Africans
YouTube 15.1.14 African Women & Children #MarchForFreedom
Muftah 8.1.14 #StrikeForFreedom: Day 4
Muftah 6.1.14 #StrikeForFreedom: Day 2
Muftah 5.1.14 #StrikeForFreedom: Day 1
Muftah 28.12.13 Silent #MarchForFreedom
Muftah 21.12.13 FREEDOM! Africans in Israel demand it
Muftah 17.12.13 Refugee #MarchForFreedom
Mondoweiss 25.11.13 Once and Future Bride of the Sea
The Nation 17.10.13 Israel's New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land
YouTube 8.10.13 Africans Out Of Tel Aviv... & Dimona
Electronic Intifada 16.9.13 Israelis Angry At Court Ruling On Africans
Daily Beast 31.8.13 Israel's True Colors
Electronic Intifada 31.12.12 In with the New Year, Out with the Africans
YouTube 19.12.12 Israelis Want Africans Out
YouTube 10.12.12 Anti-African Chanukah Rally #2
YouTube 26.11.12 Murder in their Eyes
YouTube 17.11.12 Tel Aviv: Protest versus Attacks on Gaza
YouTube 15.11.12 Tel Aviv: Protesting Israel's Attack on Gaza
YouTube 2.11.12 Queer Kiss to Spite Rabbis
YouTube 28.10.12 Israelis versus Africans
YouTube 18.10.12 Eritreans Protest Israeli Persecution
YouTube 14.10.12 Sudanese Protest Israeli Persecution
YouTube 17.6.12 First Petach Tikvah Pride Parade
YouTube 10.6.12 Africans in Israel Demand Refugee Rights
African Refugee
Development Center
30.1.12 Racism Report: Africans in Israel