FIRST EARTH | Uncompromising Ecological Architecture


All of the modern cob-building movement's major players were interviewed for the documentary. Over the course of filming, we have amassed over a hundred hours of footage of awe-inspiring cob projects and pearls of wisdom from pre-eminent thinkers. To learn more about earthen building, click on the names below to read transcripts of their talks and watch videos of their spoken words.

Becky Bee
Katy Bryce & Adam Weismann
Meka Bunch & Dragonfly
Elke Cole
Stuart Cowan
Carole Crews
Salma Samar Damluji
Kiko Denzer
Chellis Glendinning
Richard Heinberg
Alfie Howard
Derrick Jensen
Janell Kapoor
Sun Ray Kelly
Joseph Kennedy
James Howard Kunstler
Mark Lakeman
Ian Marcuse
Kevin McCabe
Bridget Miner & Ellie Miner
Daniel Quinn
Tim Ream
Boots Riley
David Room
Michael G. Smith
Sunflower New Moon
Bob Theis
Andy Thomson
Eugene Tsui