FIRST EARTH | Uncompromising Ecological Architecture



David Sheen

In addition to authoring the scratch video THE RED PILL (2003), David Sheen has been documenting, studying, designing, and building ecological housing since 2001. He apprenticed with Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley at the North American School of Natural Building, and at Michael Smith's Emerald Earth. He also learned biomimicry, the study of nature's design principles and its application to human habitats, with architect Eugene Tsui.


Ilya Yakovlev

Music composer and producer Ilya Yakovlev, was born 29.01.74 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and now lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Ilya plays and composes instrumental music, pursuing different styles and exploring all kinds of possibilities in search of his unique sound. He has been involved in a number of projects with various artists, writing songs and movie soundtracks. His focus is on instrumental, ambient, and electronic music, mainly concentrating on creating mood and atmosphere. Additionally, Ilya is a professional graphic designer and industrial designer.


Michael Blaha
Ingrid Severson
Petra Janopaul
John Pilgrim
Yakov Levi
Viki Zakharova
Timothy Doh
Julie Haddow


Hartley Weinberg


Hasan Murtaza
Zohar Regev
Uri Gordon


Peter Solti

Gregory Greene

Gregory Greene is a Toronto-based filmmaker with a background in social and political documentaries. His television credits include BRAVO!Õs acclaimed series Arts & Minds and MuchMusicÕs documentary series Musicians in the War Zone. His television film credits include Prom Fight: The Marc Hall Story and SuhailÕs Jihad. His latest production, The End of Suburbia, is an independent film that has caused controversy around the world, with rave reviews in the mainstream press, from the New York Times to The Toronto Star, and a ubiquitous presence within the alternative press. It has become the informational tool of choice to the growing Peak Oil movement, comprised of a wide range of industry professionals, NGOs and citizen groups spanning the political spectrum.