FIRST EARTH | Uncompromising Ecological Architecture

FIRST EARTH: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture was made on a no-string budget, with all expenses coming completely out-of-pocket. Because the topic of the documentary is so little-known and less popular, and because film prescribes an ecological solution that doesn't produce profits but instead liberates people from financial forces, it's not exactly in the interest of production companies to fund such a film.

It's only thanks to the generous contributions of friends, family, and compatriots of like-mind and like-heart that donated plane tickets, cameras, and computer equipment that this film was able to see the light of day. Living on the cheap and sleeping on all kinds of couches for the last five years helped a great deal, as well! Now that the film is finally finished, it's clear that all of the sacrifices were well worthwhile!

If you enjoyed the film and want to see more like it; if you believe in earth building and want to support more of it; if you agree that activist-artists should be compensated by the community; then please consider making a donation. All cash collected will go towards funding a future film on living in community, and helping the film maker acquire land to be able to build his own healthy home out of earth!


from the internet:
"Thank You. i've not yet had the opportunity to learn or build with cob, but the passion has been steadily building building building in me since first hearing and reading about it last January. Seeing your wonderful film for the first time yesterday on youtube, i found myself a joyous puddle of tears falling to earth, mixing to form this dream. hands and feet, sun and rain... Thank you so much for making the film available and being a catalyst for me, inspiring me to take the steps to continue down this path. It really means a lot to me. As i was watching yesterday, i kept thinking, AHHHHHHHHHH all my friends and family NEED to see this! So, i'll definitely be ordering a dvd soon. Anyway, i just wanted to say hello and drop heaps of flowering gratitude at your footsteps. May your day be filled with light and Love!"