FIRST EARTH | Uncompromising Ecological Architecture


Now that you've seen the film and been moved by it, you want to share the gospel with an even wider audience. There are a few ways that you can be a part of the FIRST EARTH movement.

Organize a screening.
Invite your friends and family to a community venue or to your own home, and screen a special version of the film. Either have the film makers attend the screening in person, or organize a live video conferencing question-and-answer session over the internet.

Convert the bureaucracy.
Show the film to your local building inspectors and town council. Convince them that building with earth is essential and that they should facilitate a smooth permitting process in their jurisdiction.

Translate the film.
If you speak, read, and write a foreign language perfectly, and want to help translate FIRST EARTH for non-English-speaking viewers and listeners, ask for a copy of the script of the film.

Take a workshop.
If you're ready to take the next step and transform your whole world, sign up for an earth-building workshop with one of the hundreds of qualified earth-building instructors in your area.

Start a project.
Form a pizza oven, sculpt a hot tub, build a greenhouse. Organize friends and neighbours to plan and execute a City-Repair-style placemaking project in your own home town.