Anti-African Racism in Israel

Dear Israel: Kick Out the Negroes

Letters from the Israeli Government Archives

I found these letters in the Israeli government archives during the Spring of 2013. Addressed to Israeli leaders, they are personal letters from private citizens, applauding their decision to deport African Hebrew Israelites from the country. There is nothing strange about the fact that U.S. citizens sent these letters to the Israeli government. What is notable is that the Israeli government kept these letters on file for over four decades. What purpose do these letters serve? Were they kept on record because they provide ideological support for the government's anti-African policies? If so, the authors of these letters make for strange bedfellows, as their letters reveal them to be unapologetic racists. For decades the Israeli government did try to deport the African Hebrew Israelites, as these letter-writers urged them to do, and today it continues to persecute, incarcerate and deport as many African people as possible.

October 7, 1971

Dear Mrs. Golda Meir,

Have just listened to the news on the TV, and heard that you had refused to allow a group of negroes to land and stay there. I am delighted. You have enough trouble without allowing a lot of negroes to latch onto you. They said they were 'Jews' but they are not. All they want is to make trouble. A Negroe is not a Jew. I am against negroes and Jews mating.

The one thing that Jews have, more than others, is brains. You will have to rely on brains to protect you. Jews, as a group, have no friends. They have to depend on each other. Don't let anyone push you around, and tell you what to do. You know what to do for yourselves, better than anyone else does.

Keep negroes away from the press and cameras. They want to stir up strife. They had a bad time for the past hundred years, but the Jews have suffered for thousands of years, and they don't go around looting, burning and murdering, and spreading venereal disease.

Let's face it, negroes are not civilized now. In time, they may be. Right now, they are so full of hate and venom, you can't expect anything from them but trouble, and a burden to Israel. Rich negroes won't go to settle in Israel. Only the poor trash. The Jews have been good to the Negroes, and all they got in return, was hate and abuse. Jews are fighting for their lives in Israel. They can't afford to take in any more new enemies.

My prayers are with you.

A friend
Augusta Hermon

October 7, 1971

Dear President of Israel,

In tonight's television we saw that Israel was expelling Black people women and children. Israel did the right thing. I've been driving a Tonical here in San Francisco over thirty-five years now and I've seen what the black people will do to destroy and destroy.


Now in San Francisco thirty years ago. There was only about fifteen thousand Blacks in a population of whites 800,000. In these years I have witnessed how they bring drugs to white women a long long time ago. These people destroy cities and people. Our population is down to 700,000 people and 300,000 are black. There is never an hour, night or day that black people don't commit purse snatching, rape, robbery. I know because I've been robbed and when I saw thousands of photos of blacks, for only one year, my eyes were open also.


Oh yes I guess you now have read about school desegregation. White people all over the United States are upset over this. After bussing babies, and small children, out of their neighbors school, the black organization is now trying to prevent better education to bright school children. Israel should make a law, that when a black man commits any crime, he or she could be expelled to another country.

Don't wait or Israel will be sorry. My wife is Past President of Bnai Brith and now is Past President of Past Presidents of Bnai Brith. Although we will never be able to visit Israel, because I never can make enough for us to travel to Israel, our hearts and minds are for her greatness in ??? affair and at home. God bless Israel. I know that never a Jew will be called a man without a country.

Yours sincerely,
David B. Dulberg
1967 32nd Avenue
San Francisco, California

October 9, 1971

Honorable Golda Meir:

I wish to write to you and voice my complete and overwhelming support of your police commander Col. Zvi Zeitlin, regarding a recent decision he made at Lod International Airport pertaining to Blacks seeking entry to your country.

I do not wish to assume the impertinence of telling you how to run your affairs of state, and hope you will forgive my zeal and pride of Israel in voicing my opinion.

As a Jew, I have always had to prove my worth the hard way - in school, in military service and in business in what is still basically an anti-Semitic society. I would like to think that somewhere in this world, in Israel, there is no anti-Semitism, and the adoption of American Blacks into Israel would destroy that dream also.

I have worked and been in business among Blacks for twenty years, and have yet to find any significant number of Blacks who are appreciative, and who are not anti-Semitic in spite of how kindly I may have acted toward them.

Please do not contaminate your beautiful country with unworthy, unappreciative dependent Blacks seeking to live off the fat of the land in a welfare state.

I have not had the opportunity to visit Israel as of this date, but am eagerly looking forward to visiting your country in the next couple of years. Nevertheless my pride of Israel compelled me to write this letter, and I hope you will accept it in the spirit it was written.

Respectfully yours,
Roy L. Levy
Chicago, Illinois

October 16, 1971

My Dear Mrs. Meir,

I was reading about the blacks that were turned away from Israel. Thank God for that.

Do your people realize what would or could happen to precious Israel if the terrible negroes would settle there? They breed like flies and stir up the most horrible crimes and I'm sure you're aware of how animalistic they are. So please try and work hard to keep them out.

My dream and desire is to be able to visit Israel very soon. God bless you.

Mrs. Melnick
of Philadelphia

January 24, 1972

Get rid of the Black Israelites now!

Don't let them pollute Israel. They are bad for Israel.

If you keep them in Israel they will:
1) Be a 5th column
2) Demand welfare payments
3) Cause high crime, prostitution, juvenile delinquency and racial problems in Israel.

Keep all blacks from entering the country as immigrants. They will weaken Israel.

Dear Mrs. Meir:

Please expel the Black Hebrews of Dimona from Israel. It is the sensible thing to do.

These blacks are now a fifth column in Israel; they are a greet internal threat. They hated the Jews when they lived in the US and they hate the Jews even more now. As you know the Blacks hope to take over Israel by bringing more of their number into the country and by their high birth-rate.

Please, if you want Jews to continue to come to Israel and if you want Jews to settle and stay in Dimona - then get rid of the Black Israelites in Israel - expel all of them from the country now while they are a few hundred in number. In a few years they may be several thousand in number.

The Blacks have created slums in a great many American cities. American Jews in Israel can attest to this. That is why American Jews are coming to Israel. Please learn from America's mistakes. Keep the blacks out of Israel; send them back to America. We Jews don't want Israeli cities to turn into slums nor do we want to see Israeli women raped, robbed and beaten. Blacks in America are used to living on welfare. That is why the Blacks in Israel refuse to work; they want to live on welfare in Israel. What nerve.

Please, send the Blacks back to America or to another country. Anywhere but Israel. Let the Jews of Dimona live in peace.

A friend of Israel