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Mint Press News 13.7.22 As US refuses to act, suspected Alex Odeh assassins enjoy influential role in Israeli politics
Mint Press News 11.7.22 Alex Odeh assassination: New testimony could finally bring Jewish Defense League to justice
Palestine Chronicle 4.7.22 Wanted in the US for ‘Despicable’ moving fraud and extortion: A dozen fugitives live openly in Israel
The Gray Zone 11.9.21 Were the notorious ‘Dancing Israelis’ 9/11 plotters, spies, or just common scam artists?
The Gray Zone 17.6.21 Notorious American-Israeli settler Yaakov Fauci isn’t a forex fraudster – he’s just a longtime Jewish terror group activist
Translation [IT] 26.5.21 Come un partito dell'estrema destra sionista portato nel parlamento israeliano da Netanyahu lo ha aiutato ad iniziare la guerra che voleva
The Gray Zone 26.5.21 How a fascist party brought into Israel's parliament by Netanyahu helped him start the war he wanted
The New Arab 30.3.21 How Netanyahu brought Israel's biggest racists seats - and legitimacy - in parliament
Translation [ES] 2.2.21 Tres décadas después de su muerte, el mensaje de odio de Kahane es más popular que nunca
Translation [DE] 2.2.21 Drei Jahrzehnte nach seinem Tod ist Kahanes Hass-Botschaft populärer denn je
Middle East
Research and
Information Project
2.2.21 Three Decades After his Death,
Kahane’s Message of Hate is More Popular Than Ever
Electronic Intifada 21.4.20 Trump's Jerusalem plan rewards suspected killer of Alex Odeh
The Link 4.4.20 Alleged Assassin of Alex Odeh Finds Safe Harbor in Israel
Dimona Dispatch 14.2.20 Don't let my reports on racism get deleted forever
The New Arab 12.2.20 Netanyahu has long run cover for Israel's biggest racists
Translation [FR] 6.2.20 35 ans après l’assassinat d’Alex Odeh,
un activiste palestino-américain en Californie
The Intercept 6.2.20 Decades After a Palestinian American
activist was assassinated in California,
two suspects in his killing are living openly in Israel
The New Arab 18.7.19 The racist pedagogy of Israel's education minister, Rafi Peretz
Dimona Dispatch 12.4.19 WATCH: Judea-Africa-America
The New Arab 12.3.19 What Marc Lamont Hill went looking for in Palestine
Electronic Intifada 15.1.19 Israeli leaders still ache to deport African refugees
Dimona Dispatch 24.12.18 WATCH: Israeli Politics Decoded
The New Arab 26.11.18 For Palestinians, elections won't challenge the rule of Israel's 'domination' camp
Dimona Dispatch 29.10.18 Candidates care about your vote, but not the racism you face in Dimona
The New Arab 26.10.18 Israel crushes resistance at home and abroad, with help from far-right friends
The New Arab 14.9.18 Is Netanyahu facilitating rape culture in Israel?
Middle East Eye 9.8.18 With colonel Israel Shomer's promotion, Israeli impunity will only increase
Electronic Intifada 23.7.18 Israel steps up its war on mixed marriages
Middle East Eye 22.7.18 Israel's 'Jewish nation-state' law a prelude to annexation
The New Arab 17.7.18 Israel to fund Jews-only booze cruises to wreck inter-racial love
Middle East Eye 7.7.18 On Isaac Herzog's remarks: Racial purity is reprehensible in any language
Translation [FR] 5.7.18 En Israel, l'amour entre juifs et non-juifs est le 'fléau' des puristes raciaux
Middle East Eye 27.6.18 Israel's racial purists: United in fear of Jews who love non-Jews
Dimona Dispatch 19.6.18 In Praise of a Stiff-Necked People
Electronic Intifada 13.6.18 Trump's envoys enable Israel's worst extremists
Electronic Intifada 24.5.18 Watch: How Israel's highest court enables human trafficking
The New Arab 17.5.18 The US and Israel's radical right connections to the world's most racist rabbis
Truthdig 3.5.18 Black Lives Don't Matter in Israel
Electronic Intifada 10.4.18 African refugees get no reprieve from Israel's racist rage
The New Arab 6.4.18 Netanyahu's spiked migrant deal: A red line for Israel's racist right wing
Al Jazeera 29.3.18 Black lives do not matter in Israel
The Forward 16.3.18 Israel Is Racist. Its Deportations Of Africans Should Surprise No One
Cannabis Culture 5.3.18 The Unbearable Lightness of the Egyptian Sinai (3/3): How Shockingly Little Black Lives Matter in Tel Aviv
The New Arab 2.3.18 Vigilante violence reminds us how little #BlackLivesMatter in Israel
TruthDig 27.2.18 The Emmett Till Effect in Israel
Cannabis Culture 26.2.18 The Unbearable Lightness of the Egyptian Sinai (2/3): Beautiful Beaches and Torture Chambers
Dimona Dispatch 21.2.18 Community furious after Israeli army rules African American soldier took her own life
Cannabis Culture 19.2.18 The Unbearable Lightness of the Egyptian Sinai (1/3): Hi-Tech Israel’s Low-Tech Cannabis Oasis
The Root 19.2.18 #SayHerName: Toveet Radcliffe Was the First African-American Woman to Die in the Israeli Military; Her Death Was Ruled a Suicide But Her Family Isn't Buying It
Translation [FR] 8.2.18 Israël veut déporter en masse les réfugiés africains
Translation [IT] 31.1.18 Israele si prepara a vincere la guerra contro le/i rifugiate/i africane/i
Electronic Intifada 25.1.18 Seinfeld boosts Israel's "shoot to kill" fantasy tours
Electronic Intifada 22.1.18 Israel set to win its war on African refugees
The New Arab 16.1.18 Israel's war on African refugees is inspiring white supremacists
TruthDig 10.1.18 Israel is exposing Africans to danger of being enslaved
Electronic Intifada 6.12.17 Watch: Netanyahu’s New Normal
Translation [IT] 1.9.17 Lo stupro di una donna non ebrea è bottino di guerra
Electronic Intifada 1.9.17 Rabbi who urged Gaza genocide excused rape by soldiers
Seattle Lesbian 9.6.17 Yes, Israeli Queers are Active Against the Occupation
Electronic Intifada 2.6.17 Video: Let Palestine be "wiped out," sings Jerusalem Day mob
Local Call 1.6.17 Army orders reopening of investigation
into the death of soldier Toveet Radcliffe
Huffington Post 31.5.17 Israeli army ordered to reexamine
first African American soldier death
Electronic Intifada 4.4.17 In Israel, the eliminationist camp is already in charge
Translation [FR] 31.1.17 Israel transforme la culture du viol en arme contre les Palestiniens
Electronic Intifada 31.1.17 Israel weaponizes rape culture against Palestinians
The New Arab 5.1.17 No saviour: Airlifted Ethiopian Jews face racism in Israel
Electronic Intifada 3.1.17 Netanyahu openly boasts of Israel's war on Africans
Electronic Intifada 9.12.16 Israeli leadership’s sex crime problem
Translation [FR] 9.12.16 Des centaines de Juifs noirs refusent le service militaire
et accusent Israël de racisme institutionnel
San Francisco
Bay View
9.12.16 Hundreds of Black Jews refuse army service,
charge Israel with institutional racism
Electronic Intifada 25.7.16 Meet the Israeli army's misogynist chief rabbi
Seattle Lesbian 19.7.16 A thousand protest Pride Parade route ban in Beersheba
The New Arab 15.7.16 #BlackLivesMatter, Israel and the fight against racism
San Francisco
Bay View
13.7.16 Ethiopians protest in Israel,
call for end to state racism and police violence
Mondoweiss 22.6.16 Marching in the spirit of Nakba
Mondoweiss 16.6.16 Conquerors of Jerusalem: Annual Jerusalem march
celebrates Israeli occupation with messianic fervor
Alternet 7.6.16 Netanyahu falsely accuses Palestinian youths of rape while ignoring a sexual assault epidemic by government officials
Alternet 27.5.16 Israeli propagandists threaten destruction of Europe
as punishment for boycotting Israel
Alternet 24.5.16 Extreme Takeover: Why many are calling Israel's
new government the 'Most Racist' in history
Alternet 21.5.16 Shocked by rise of Jewish extremism in Israel,
maverick rabbi denounces discriminatory laws
Alternet 5.5.16 On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel Army Deputy Chief warns Israeli society exhibiting similarities to 1930's Germany
San Francisco
Bay View
22.4.16 Emigres demand answers after first African American
dies during Israeli army service
Electronic Intifada 22.4.16 Video: Inside Tel Aviv's "Death to the Arabs" rally
Alternet 2.4.16 Watch: Israelis demand "A Bullet in the Head" for Palestinians and Leftists at rally for killer soldier
Alternet 28.3.16 Why a broad section of the Israeli public is pushing Netanyahu to defend a murderer caught on video
Translation [FR] 28.3.16 Pourquoi tant d'Israéliens encouragent-ils Netanyahou
à défendre un assassin filmé sur une vidéo?
Alternet 22.3.16 5 of the most appalling acts from Israel this week: Refugee tent camp destroyed and politician calls to conquer Fertile Crescent
Alternet 15.3.16 5 of the most appalling acts of incitement from Israel this week: Major poll shows racism in Israel is far from fringe
Muftah 10.3.16 Ethiopian-Israeli activist accuses state
of institutional racism and genocide
Alternet 6.3.16 Minister calls for more refugee detention camps and Israelis think occupation and democracy are compatible
Alternet 29.2.16 5 of the most appalling acts of incitement from Israel this week: Lawmaker vows to destroy Muslim holy site
Mondoweiss 29.2.16 'When I have the opportunity to do it, I will':
Likud lawmaker vows to demolish Al-Aqsa mosque
Alternet 22.2.16 5 of the most appalling acts of incitement from Israel this week: Top army rabbi dances with author of notorious 'Murder Manual'
Alternet 15.2.16 5 of the most dangerous acts of incitement from Israel this week: Netanyahu's paranoid meltdown edition
The Hottest
Place In Hell
14.2.16 African Hebrews unsatisfied with army report on soldier's death
Alternet 8.2.16 Degenerate Culture: Inside the Israeli Government's persecution of the Jewish Left and one of its most daring artists
Alternet 8.2.16 Listing wages of home cleaners by race?
5 of the biggest outrages from Israel this week
Muftah 8.2.16 African Hebrew family demands Israeli Army
explain soldier's suspicious death
The Hottest
Place In Hell
2.2.16 What do you mean, she died alone?
Alternet 31.1.16 Lamenting burned Palestinian child's recovery,
hatred for Lebron James
Electronic Intifada 28.12.15 The ethnic cleansing of Africans in Israel
Ventures Africa 30.10.15 Operation African Wild Ass
Electronic Intifada 28.9.15 Video: Temple movement rabbi proselytizes for genocide
Mondoweiss 8.9.15 Haaretz's Or Kashti on the rightwing religious
takeover of the Ministry of Education
Mondoweiss 8.9.15 Racism in Arad: Mayor declares
southern Israeli town off-limits to Africans
Muftah 20.6.15 Hasbarists are cynically attempting to hijack the Charleston Massacre to promote Israel's image abroad
Alternet 1.6.15 How the Israeli Government is increasingly trying to stifle speech on the internet to prevent accusations of racism
Local Call 28.5.15 African solidarity: The Hebrew Community of Dimona
visits the Holot detention center
San Francisco
Bay View
26.5.15 African communities in Israel escalate anti-racist struggles
Amsterdam News 21.5.15 Do black lives matter in Israel?
Ethiopian Jews protest racism and police brutality
Alternet 21.5.15 Prime Sinister: Meet the new faces of Netanyahu's Israeli cabinet
Mondoweiss 6.5.15 Baltimore is confronting police brutality, but the systemic racism of its Israeli sister city remains unchallenged
Alternet 4.5.15 Ethiopian-Israelis protest police brutality,
but do Black Lives Matter in Israel if they're not Jews?
Middle East
20.4.15 Israel's abuse of African refugees exposes Zionism's xenophobia
Alternet 6.2.15 Sh*tting on the Israeli flag: The art of Natali Cohen Vaxberg
Muftah 12.1.15 American white separatist finds shared values with Israel
Alternet 9.1.15 How Israel covers up its ugly racial holy war
Electronic Intifada 31.12.14 Israel's anti-African dragnet tightens
Huffington Post 19.11.14 Warum ich Gregor Gysi bis zur Bundestagstoilette verfolgte
Mondoweiss 13.11.14 Why I confronted Gregor Gysi
Mondoweiss 26.8.14 WATCH: Ultra-Zionists protest Muslim-Jewish wedding saying miscegenation is 'gravest threat to the Jewish people'
Muftah 20.8.14 Jewish-American organizations have abandoned the Israeli Left
2.8.14 Violent, genocidal anti-Palestinian rhetoric moving to U.S.?
Muftah 23.7.14 Israel's war against Gaza's women & their bodies
Translation [FR] 23.7.14 La guerre d’Israël contre les femmes de Gaza et leur corps
Electronic Intifada 15.7.14 Israeli calls for Palestinian blood ring at fever pitch
Mondoweiss 10.7.14 Terrifying tweets of pre-army Israeli teens
Muftah 7.7.14 Jewish groups' whitewash of Israeli racism ensures it will fester
Huffington Post 19.6.14 Where was God when Israel deported African refugees?
Local Call 11.6.14 What does Israel's war on African asylum-seekers look like?
Huffington Post 10.6.14 Love in the time of Israel's war on Africans
Huffington Post 2.5.14 Donald Sterling's comments shed light on the
underreported plight of Israel's African refugees
Muftah 25.4.14 Israel's war on African refugees
Muftah 22.4.14 Why the Arab Spring never really sprung in Israel
Mondoweiss 23.2.14 Do Americans want to know that Israel is waging war on Africans?
Muftah 3.2.14 Dating a non-Jew: Yair Netanyahu tests the bounds of Israeli society
Muftah 20.1.14 African asylum-seekers go on strike in Israel