THere's someTHInG wronG wITH THe worLD.

THe reD PILL Is a scraTcH vIDeo, a coLLaGe oF cLIPs From HoLLYwooD FeaTure FILms. IT JuxTaPoses crITIcaL DIaLoGue sPoKen BY THe acTors THaT we Have maDe GoDs oF, wITH PowerFuL ImaGerY ProDuceD BY THe ProDucTIon sTuDIos THaT we Have maDe BILLIonaIres oF -- BuT THen reeDITs, remIxes anD reconTexTuaLIzes IT, To cHanGe THe waY You THInK aBouT THe worLD, To cHaLLenGe You To THInK oF new waYs oF cHanGInG THe worLD.

we GoT aLL FIreD uP wHen FIrsT we saw eacH oF THese samPLeD scenes In IsoLaTIon, BuT THen we never GoT uP oFF oF our asses To Do anYTHInG aBouT IT -- we DIDn'T maKe THe necessarY connecTIons BeTween THe sILver screen anD our own LIves. THe GoaL oF THe reD PILL Is To sPur us on To acTIon; IT Is a PosT-moDern caLL To BaTTLe, For our PLaneT, For our communITIes, For our FreeDom: IT Is an auDIovIsuaL InTernaTIonaL anTHem.

THe reD PILL Is a muLTImeDIa cuLTure Jam THaT TaKes THe Hour-anD-a-HaLF-LonG commercIaLs For consumer cuLTure, THe ProPaGanDa THaT Is soLD To us as enTerTaInmenT -- anD THen, In ProuD, GuerILLa, HIP HoP TraDITIon, reaPProPrIaTes THem anD ForGes THem InTo a weaPon oF war In THe FIGHT aGaInsT THose verY same aDverTIsInG aGencIes anD THeIr corPoraTe cLIenTs THaT wouLD BuY anD seLL our verY souLs.

Planet In Focus Film Festival 2004
Toronto, Canada

Environmental Film Festival of Accra 2005
Accra, Ghana

Artivist Film Festival 2005
Hollywood, California