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Rumble Pie #17
The Battle Is Won (For Now)

I CAN SCARCELY BELIEVE IT, but only a day after we put the call out for public support of those protesting the ecologically devastating business park development at Hanlon Creek in Guelph... we triumphed! Yesterday, because a dedicated group of young eco-activists insisted that the planet comes before profits, an old-growth forest and endangered animal habitat were saved from the bulldozers -- for a year. The construction start date was postponed due to the occupation of the site, and now it's too late in the season to get the job done before winter.

BUT REMEMBER -- EVERY TIME they win a battle, a forest is lost to us, forever. And every time we win a battle, the forest is saved -- but only temporarily. A few months from now, they will try to cut it down again. So we mustn't let up, we must continue to pressure Guelph City Council to cancel the entire project outright. Call Mayor Karen Farbridge at 519-837-5643 or e-mail her at, and let her know what that you think and feel, show the eco-activists some love... And ultimately -- we must come up with a better system that doesn't heavily favour earth-destroyers over earth-defenders.

BUT FOR NOW, WE'VE WON this battle. That feels good. And we deserve to celebrate even the smallest victories. So let's go off and have a great long weekend -- we've earned it!