Sharing & Caring | Choosing to Live in Community

Living in intentional community

If my previous film, FIRST EARTH, is about the healthiest physical structures for human beings to live in, then this film, SHARING & CARING, is about the healthiest social structures for human beings to live in.

From rural ecovillages to inner-city squats, from lifestyle activists to political radicals, I am attempting to understand and paint an accurate picture of a movement of people consciously sharing their work lives and their homes lives with one another, both for self-interest and for altruistic reasons.

There is already a two-volume documentary film produced by the Federation for Intentional Communities, entitled Visions of Utopia, and there is at least one other documentary film about community that is currently in production, Within Reach. But I intend for Sharing & Caring to be significantly different from these.

In addition to providing a thorough introduction to the concept of community for people who are just now waking up to possibility of communal living, it will also explore some of the difficult issues that come up in community, and profile groups that are pioneering new solutions to these.

If you are starting to suspect that you might need a little bit more community in your life -- or perhaps a lot more -- then please feel free to come along for the ride. You are welcome to join us as we attempt to answer the question of the ages: Can't we all just get along?