Sharing & Caring | Choosing to Live in Community

Please consider donating to S&C

Sharing & Caring is being made on a no-string budget, with all expenses coming completely out-of-pocket. Because the topic of the documentary is so little-known and even less popular, and because film prescribes an social solution that doesn't produce windfall profits, but instead liberates people from larger forces, it's not exactly in the interest of capital-driven production companies to fund such a film.

It's only thanks to the generous contributions of friends, family, and compatriots of like-mind and like-heart that donate plane tickets, spare bedrooms, and camera and computer equipment that this film will be able to see the light of day.

If you are enjoying the almost-1000 minutes of film that we have made available thus far, and want to see more like it; if you believe in community living and want to support more of it; if you agree that activist-artists should be compensated by the community; then please consider making a donation. All cash collected will go towards funding the production of the film.

THANK YOU for your generosity!