Sharing & Caring | Choosing to Live in Community

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Summer 2010

The first 25 interviews have been fully uploaded to the Sharing & Caring website, and the film website has been revamped. Now begins the next phase of the project, an examination of the rise and fall of the Israeli kibbutz model of intentional community.

Spring 2010

Work on Sharing & Caring is temporarily delayed while I complete post-production on my previous film, FIRST EARTH: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture. PM Press officially releases the film, freeing me up to concentrate on Sharing & Caring.

Winter 2010

I got married and moved back to Tel Aviv. The film is temporarily in limbo while I resettle my family on the other side of the planet, trying to find a new job and apartment, so work on the film can continue after hours.

Fall 2009

Sharing & Caring volunteers Marcia Ostrovsky, Momoko Price, Melissa Berney, Dane Somogyary & Anne Ennis have kindly contributed their time and energy to transcribe most of the interviews that we conducted in the spring of 2009. Thank you!

Summer 2009

Sarona Collins, a woman that I met when I spent a couple of weeks at GANAS, was inspired by the goals of the project and decided to support Sharing & Caring by buying us a brand new Gigabyte-and-a-half hard drive, so that we can continue to collect new footage. Thank you, Sarona!

Spring 2009

The Sharing & Caring project is launched with a communities tour of more than a dozen intentional communities in the eastern half of the United States. After over two years at Samar, the longest I have lived in any one place in a decade, I'm back on the road, trying to figure out the real meaning of healthy home.