FIRST EARTH | Uncompromising Ecological Architecture


While documenting earthen buildings around the world with video cameras, we also took thousands of still photographs, as well. In the interest of spreading this knowledge as far and as wide as possible, we are uploading these images to the web free of charge. These files are considered creative commons, meaning that you may download them and distribute them, but only if no money is exchanged, and as long as proper credit is given. Please include a link to, and a big heartfelt thanks to Michael Blaha for graciously providing the webspace to host these photo galleries at

Cascadia (USA) I
Cascadia (USA) II
Portland, Oregon
New Mexico (Taos)
New Mexico (Lama)
New Mexico (Earthships)
Britain (UK)
Ethiopia (East)
Ethiopia (North)
Ethiopia (South)
Ethiopia (Awra Amba)
Israel (Lotan)
Israel (Shaharut)
Yemen I
Yemen II