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18 Ways To Put Your Money Where Your Morals Are

In 2010, I was contracted by a social investment start-up in Ceasarea, Israel, to manage their online content and social media. As part of that job, I authored a couple dozen published articles about microphilanthropy as a way to effect social change. The blogs were well-received and generated passionate debate, as well as cash donations to the charitable nonprofits. Unfortunately, the Board of Directors of the company decided to put a temporary halt to some of the company's activities while they reevaluate their chosen corporate model. I sincerely hope that they can come to a new consensus and reactivate operations, because I believe in their vision of democratizing philanthropy, giving us all a voice in determining collective priorities for our communities. Regardless of the fact that all of the fundraising organizations that I discuss are specifically geared to Jewish people, I feel that the articles are still important enough in a general sense to post up on my own website. If you didn't catch them the first time around, and you interested in co-creating a better world, check out the blog Give It Away.

1 - Let's Get Free
2 - How to Combat Modern Slavery
3 - More Money & He Knows What To Do With It
4 - The Saddest Day
5 - Reinventing Charity
6 - Earth, Every Day
7 - Tzedakah Starstruck
8 - May Day Pride
9 - The Timebomb Is Still Ticking

10 - Remembering the Martyrs
11 - Women Can Do It, Too
12 - Housing & Homefullness
13 - Water Has Enemies
14 - Piece and Food Security
15 - It's Not Only Baseball
16 - The Spirit of the Financial Times
17 - Between Ridicule & Acceptance
18 - School Subjects & Jewish Jobs